About the program...
The league was originally formed in 2003 as an instructional league in Baldwin Bowl. All instructors attended a USBC training seminars and had to pass a test in order to get certified as a bowling instructor. Along with the certification, most of our instructors averaged over 200.

As the league grew, Steve Friedman donated five hundred dollars and held a scholarship tournament for the participants of the league. It was received so well that the following year the league was converted to a scholarship / instructional league with every bowler receiving a minimum of one hundred dollars in scholarship awards and as much as six hundred dollars and more. Scholarship Bowling is a certified 501 3c non-profit organization.

In 2008 we relocated to Garden City Bowl as it is more centralized, with the anticipation of drawing from a wider range of towns. Today our home is Maple Lanes RVC because of the generosity of John LaSpina and his family with the special linage rate. This has enabled us to give out greater scholarship awards.

It is a handicap league (ninety percent handicap) that is open to all boys and girls, of all bowling abilities, between the ages of seven and twenty years of age. We bowl on Saturdays mornings at 10:00 am in Rockville Centre Lanes. The program runs from the third Saturday in September through to the final Saturday in March. We take breaks during the bowling season that coordinate with the school vacations. We also offer a new program that runs for April through the third week in June. This program also bowls on Saturdays at 10:00 am. Along with this, we also offer an Adult / Youth program for the summer where every child receives a $100 scholarship award.

The fees include bowling, shoes rental (if required), scholarship awards, instructions and much more. Scholarship awards are sent to the home at the end of the season. When the child is ready for continuing education (college or a trade school), you simply contact the ELIUSBC office (all information is on the scholarship award) and they will either send the money directly to the school or to you with the submission of a receipt for school books, computer, etc. The choice is yours

Becoming a member of the Scholarship / Instructional League is a great way to have fun, make new friends and accumulate money for your continuing education. If you would like to join the league or learn more about it, contact Steve Friedman at 516.379.7912 or email him at steve@ScholarshipBowling.com.

Sign up now and you will receive free game offers and more for Maple Family Centers during the summer. There is no cost or obligation for you to sign up. Filling out the sign up form does not obligate you to participate in the program.